See How Eliminating These Myths About Fitness Works for Results

Today we are constantly bombarded with fitness and weight loss advice by media, bloggers, well-meaning friends, coworkers and family members. Focusing on the wrong principles, even if you work hard, can lead to yet another setback. Don’t make that mistake, and see how eliminating these myths about fitness works for your results.


1. Just try as hard as you can (Not having a “BIG WHY”.)


You have to have your BIG WHY in order to stay motivated and consistent over a long period of time. As we all know, our motivation decreases most of the time unless it continues being fueled by something we REALLY want. You need to find your mission, and follow it relentlessly in order to achieve more then you have before. I invite you to take some time to reflect and discover YOUR, “Big Why.”  You can apply this to your health and fitness goals, or any other area of your life you would like to transform or improve. When you find what it is, be sure to write it down and really reflect on it!


In this case, you can ask yourself questions like:

-Why do I want to achieve this fitness goal to begin with?

-Why do I want to continue loose weight, or to get   leaner/stronger/faster/better?

-Why do I want to exercise and eat well?

-Why do I want to improve my health?

-Why do I want to look great?

-Why do I want to compete/set a personal record?

-Why is all this so important to me?


When you are honest with yourself by asking these questions you will begin to discover a deeper meaning and purpose in your life. That meaning and purpose is what will help you achieve your goals.


2. Do what you can every day (Not having a plan.)


Nothing big will happen without a sufficient plan. Plan ahead for what your goals are in the next 90 days, and then work backwards. Ask yourself-what do you want to see in 60 days? What about 30, or 15?


Here is an example:


In 90 days I want to achieve 18% body fat percentage and loose 24 lbs. I will be able to fit into my old jeans and my tummy will be flat.


This means in 60 days I will be at 19% body fat percentage, and I will loose 16lbs.


So, in 30 days I will be at 20% body fat percentage, and I will loose 8lbs.


Knowing all of this, I can see that in the first month I will need to loose 1.5lb per week and gain muscle, which then equals about 1 lb of weight loss per week.


In order assure my plan for fitness works, I will need to reduce my calorie intake by 3500 calories per week, or 500 calories per day.


To build muscle, I will need to hit the gym hard, so I will commit to a 5 day per week workout schedule for the next three months to make sure this plan to reach my goals for fitness works.


Now that you have a plan, everything else should develop from it – every meal you prep, every workout, and all the lifestyle decisions that you make in the next 90 days. Read it to yourself every morning when you wake up, and every evening before you go to sleep. If you do this, I promise you that you will continue to be successful on your quest.


Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of all this.


3. I’ll just eat less (Not prepping meals in advance)


If you are serious about your goals, you have to prep your food at least couple of days in advance. The last thing you want to do is to look for food when you are “hangry!” We all make the wrong choices when we are busy and we do not have the right food on hand. This is one of the keys to your success – you can’t out-train bad nutrition.


4. Exercise after work/school (Putting workout time to the end of the day)


Workout in the morning before your day starts. It might be difficult in the beginning, but it does get easier with time and you can go through your day knowing that no matter what happens, you have already set yourself up for success.


5. Something is better than nothing (Not holding yourself accountable for if your regimen for fitness works or not)


To keep yourself accountable, journal or find a coach/workout buddy to help you. If you do not make yourself track your results along the way, you will have a very hard time achieving what you want. Once you set your incremental goals on the calendar, commit yourself to reviewing them weekly. Weigh or measure yourself at the same time and day every week, and enter your info to compare with your goals. It is very important that you keep in mind that your goals are not going to be achieved 100% every week, so do not give up! Stay focused, continue reminding yourself daily of your Big Why and why your plan for fitness works, and before you know it you will be proud of what you achieved and will reach a new level of power and confidence knowing that you were able to keep your word to yourself.


We have some other great weight loss tips for you here!


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