Live Fit and Feel Amazing with These 10 Tips

Living the fitness lifestyle can be a fantastically rewarding experience. It makes you feel energized, athletic, healthy and ready for action. But, sometimes it can be plain hard work. With all of the demands of modern living, slipping into unhealthy habits can often seem like a much easier option. Here are 10 key fitness tips to keep you focused, so you can live fit and feel great.

Insightful fitness gems from people who do this for a living.

Tip # 1: Carry Your Goal

Your ultimate goal is your new body. Break that down to 3 monthly goals and then write them as if they are already accomplished. An example might be . . .

I have achieved 13% body-fat and I look awesome.

Write this goal on a card and carry it with you everywhere you go. Read it a minimum of 7 times each day.


Tip # 2: Mix It Up

Avoid stagnation by varying your workout routine. Every six weeks, change your program around. Your new program should have entirely different rep ranges, exercises and training tempo.


Tip # 3: Train All Day

You can make time to live fit, even when you are doing everyday things seemingly unrelated to fitness. During the ad breaks when watching TV, get out of your chair and pump out some push-ups. During the next break, get against the wall for wall squats. For ad break three, drop down into the plank position. This will make any TV show so much more rewarding.


Tip # 4: Eat More Frequently

Eat every three hours while you are awake. Doing so will boost your metabolism, help you to better synthesize protein and provide you with a constant slow release of carbohydrates to fuel you throughout your day.


Tip # 5: Mix Up Weights and Cardio

Weight training, while focusing on your anaerobic system, also gives your heart and lungs a great workout. Your aerobic system is fully taxed when you do work that gets your heart rate to 70% of your maximum, and keeps it there for 20 minutes.


Tip # 6: HITT It

High Intensity Interval Training is the most effective and time efficient way to get fit and burn fat that we know of. It involves doing repeat cycles of a cardiovascular movements like cycling, sprinting or rowing for 20 seconds to your absolute maximum effort, and then resting for 10 seconds.


Tip # 7: Do a Little When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

Some days even the most motivated of us just don’t feel like working out. If you really want to know what is like to live fit, then when that day comes you will need to tell yourself that rather than doing your full workout, you’re just going to go to the gym and do 10 minutes on the treadmill – no more. Do exactly that – and then see how you feel. Chances are, you’ll cruise right on into your scheduled workout.


Tip # 8: Take a Week Off

Every 6 to 8 weeks – about the time you switch up your program – take a complete week off from training. This will not only revitalize your workouts (you’ll be chomping at the bit to get back to it after a few days), it will also allow your body to recuperate and recover.


Tip # 9: Change Your Mentality to Truly Live Fit

Never allow yourself to just go through the motions. When you’re exercising, make sure that your mind-muscle connection is plugged in. Feel the working muscle group. Afterwards, monitor the amount of soreness in the worked muscle.


Tip # 10: Hydrate

Water is the number one nutritional component that will improve your performance, allowing you to lift heavier weight and recover faster. Drinking water can even give your fat loss endeavors a boost.


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