Stimulant Free Body Sculpting Optimizer

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Reduce nighttime snacking/cravings, burn more fat and improve sleep quality with this stimulant-free MD-formulated dietary supplement.

Reduces nighttime snacking
Promotes ideal physique
100% stimulant free
Promotes restful sleep
Highest quality ingredients

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What can Liporidex PM do for you?

Ideal Physique: Look Your Best

As we age and our ideal weight becomes more difficult to maintain, it can be deeply frustrating to work hard on our physique with only minimal results/ OR without noticeable results. Our MD-formulated Liporidex PM reduces late-night cravings and helps you burn fat while you sleep. It utilizes scientifically researched and proven ingredients. African Mango, L-Carnitine and a host of others induce total body fat loss and help you maintain a naturally lean, toned body so that you can look your best.

100% Stimulant-free

The vast majority of supplements for weight loss and weight maintenance contain large doses of stimulants, typically caffeine. While our other products are able to curb the appetite during the day, they are not recommended to be taken in the evening. We know that many people are sensitive to stimulants, so our Liporidex PM formula is a perfect solution for those seeking to prevent overindulging and late-night snacking while ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Better Rest: Win the Day

Our sense of vitality is centered around feeling motivated, focused and energized. Proper restorative sleep is essential to maintaining energy levels and meeting life’s challenges head-on. Liporidex PM improves sleep quality by helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer so that you wake up feeling rested and ready to win the day

All Liporidex formulas feature clinically active dosing backed by science to help you win the day and feel and look your very best. Enjoy risk-free shopping with our 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


For best results, take TWO capsules TOGETHER on an empty stomach, along with a small amount of food that is high in a healthy fat content (small lick of nut/peanut butter, piece of avocado). Drink a tall glass of water 15-30 minutes later.

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