Body Sculpting Metabolic Optimizer


Body Sculpting Metabolic Optimizer
Tri-phasic thermogenic complex for maximum calorie burning and fat loss∆
Advanced Nootropic Matrix for Jitter-Free Focus and Energy∆
Class-leading Appetite Control∆
Developed and used in aesthetic medical clinics
MD Formulated in the USA
Promotes lean body

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LIPORIDEX is a high-potency, MD-formulated body sculpting toner and metabolic optimizer that employs cutting-edge technology known as “Catabolic Synergy” to attain rapid total body fat loss. Catabolic synergy not only catalyzes the fat loss process, but also helps divert the storage of recently ingested macronutrients to rapidly mobilized storage areas like muscle. Besides helping to “tone” muscles, it provides a rapid access to nutrient sources and prioritizes the conversion of stored fat so it can be burned as fuel faster. The consistent daily use of the formula not only accelerates your metabolism but also provides the extra benefit of promoting health and immune systems. 

What does LIPORIDEX do?

LIPORIDEX was MD formulated to enhance your metabolism by increasing the availability of fats to be converted to fuel. This selective thermogenesis via the Liporidex Thermogenic Matrix is so effective due to the inclusion of ingredients like phenylethylamine, EGCG and evodiamine which activate discrete metabolic and fatty acid transport pathways to give you the most efficient way to induce total body fat loss and naturally maintain a lean, toned body..ⱡ∆


LIPORIDEX delivers a sustained boost of smooth “jitter-free” energy in part from the Metabolic & performance complex with ingredients like caffeine, Evodiamine, Rhodiola and Ashwagandha. This combined with the CNS enhancement complex which contains clinically proven nootropic ingredients like  Vinpocetine and others combine to give you that energized, highly focused feeling.


LIPORIDEX was created to provide you with multiple benefits to your appearance, health and lifestyle. The formulation draws heavily on the  synergistic effect between several proven ingredients. The CNS the signature of this advanced matrix are the enhancement of mood and focus. You’ll simply FEEL great when using Liporidex, with minimal side effects such as mood instability, “jitters” or vasomotor symptoms. Designed for daily use, the addition of Health & Immunity boosting vitamins further ensures your health is as optimized as your energy and metabolism.

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Start with ONE capsule to assess your sensitivity before moving to TWO capsules for the 1st dose of the day. You should take 2 capsules for your AM dose only AFTER you have assessed your sensitivity/tolerance to just ONE capsule. If you don't "feel" anything after taking ONE capsule as, then take TWO capsules together as your AM dose. Persons who consume more caffeine and stimulants tend to require 2 capsules for the AM dose, while those who are smaller or more sensitive tend to do just fine with one.

Don't wait too long to take your afternoon dose! Similarly, it's important to take a 3rd capsule 5-6 hours after the 1st AM dose.


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Body Sculpting Metabolic Optimizer