Liporidex MAX/PLUS


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Energy & Appetite Suppression Combo Stack
All-day appetite suppression
Maximum appetite suppression
Daily Energy & Focus
Enhanced mood & productivity
Profound product synergy

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Each Liporidex formula is tailored to a specific application and time of day, so combining two or more Liporidex formulas is a great way to get the best results possible with around the clock support. Individual Liporidex formulas function via specific mechanisms of action and were designed to exhibit a strong synergy when used together.

The MAX/PLUS Combo-Stack gives you the ultimate combination of daytime energy, appetite control and fat burning. All natural ingredients in Liporidex MAX jump start your energy in the morning hours, while promoting increased metabolism and fat burning during the 1st half of your day. Liporidex PLUS employs powerful antioxidants and fat burning ingredients keep your fat burning engaged for the rest of the day, with a powerful appetite suppressant to keep you from giving into to afternoon cravings and other diet-sabotaging behaviors.


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