Post Workout Meal Success to Multiply Your Gains

The Proper post workout meal is an important component of getting the biggest gains. You work out hard, but do you know what to eat immediately after your workout to maximize your results?

What you choose for your post workout meal is extremely important when looking to build muscle and loose fat.

Here is a quick article with some simple options for you to make your post workout meal the most effective!

3 Rules for your Post Workout Meal

#1: Lean Protein Source to build muscle
#2: High glycemic index carbohydrate to refuel glycogen ASAP
#3: Low or no fat – it slows down digestion too much

For a person of average build, we recommend an approx. 30 grams of protein/30 grams of carbs ratio for a post workout meal. This is not the time of the day to cut carbs, or to not consume protein. Be sure to eat within 30 minutes of your workout.

If you have a sweet tooth and you are looking for the best time of the day to have something sugary, this is your time to do it!

Those who are looking to put on muscle mass – pay attention! Another benefit of high glycemic index carbs is that they are truned into glucose pretty rapidly. When your body senses high glucose loads, it secretes Insulin along with a protein called Somatomedin (or Insulin like growth factor – IGF1) to store the extra sugar. The benefit of additional growth factors is an acceleration of muscle growth!


Here are some simple ideas of post-workout meal for you:

-Egg whites, spinach and an apple

-Chicken breast with white rice

-Whole wheat toast with all-natural fruit jam, and a protein shake

-Fat-free, plain greek yogurt, with honey and a banana

-A protein shake and almonds

And finally…you guessed it! Gummy bears (about 20) and a protein shake (with water)


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