Want a Total Life Fitness Makeover? Start With These Tips

Want a Total Life Fitness Makeover? Start With These Tips

Just finished setting a few fitness goals that you’d like to reach in the year ahead?  For many people, this is an exciting time. The new year brings a clean slate and a chance to take control over their health and fitness, making the lasting changes they are hoping for. But, how can you ensure this year is different from the last? If you’ve set resolutions before, you may very well know that most people fall off the bandwagon two weeks into the program. If you want to achieve your life fitness makeover and stay motivated, you need to know a few key tips. Let’s go over what you should consider so you can make this your best year yet.

Be Realistic

First things first, make sure that the goals you set are realistic. It’s easy to get caught up in the resolution excitement and set goals that are just a little too lofty. Consider your fitness background, your daily schedule, and what you can hope to achieve. Then set your goal based on that.  If anything, err on the conservative side. You can always set a new goal if you’ve attained the current one too quickly.

Define Your Goals for Your Life Fitness Makeover – And Write Them Down

Next, as you set your goals, make sure that you define them as best as possible.  Get specific.  Don’t tell yourself you just want to lose weight. Specify how much weight you want to lose. Or, if you want to get stronger, put down some numbers. The more defined your goals are, the easier it is to imagine them in your mind, which can then help them become a reality. And as you define them, write them down. Something about having your goals down on paper will make them seem that much more valid.

Get Support

It’s also essential that you get support. Going at your goals alone will likely leave you struggle when hard times hit. Find at least one person you can use as a shoulder to lean on when you are frustrated or struggling on the way to achieving your new life fitness goals. Having someone there to share in your triumphs will also help give you the feeling of accomplishment and ensure you enjoy the results to the fullest.

Consider Daily Mini Goals

If you’re still struggling to stay motivated, it might be time to consider some ‘mini goals’. Sometimes that end goal of a total life fitness makeover is just too far down the path to keep you working hard. A daily goal can do just the trick. Think about one small (and very doable) goal that you can reach each and every day. Set the goal in the morning and then try and reach it by day’s end. With each of these goals you reach, you’ll move one step closer to that long term goal and get a boost of self-confidence that you can achieve what you go after. This, in the long run, can dramatically help your motivation.

Enjoy The Process

Finally, enjoy the process. Realize that times won’t always be rosy. There will be struggles and there may be set-backs.  But everything that happens will make you stronger provided you learn from it and use it to grow. Don’t forget to keep this in mind. If you’re only focused on the end point, it will feel like the weeks ahead drag on. If you make the decision to really enjoy the processes, you’ll be at your end goal before you know it – and having fun until then. So keep these tips in mind and make the coming year one of success. Lining up your approach properly will make all the difference.

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