Tips For Keeping Your Family Healthy This Flu Season

Tips For Keeping Your Family Healthy This Flu Season

Flu season is truly upon us, so it is becoming increasingly necessary to take every possible precaution in order to keep your family healthy and protect them from getting ill before your holiday travels.

In this article we’re going to go over some simple tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine to keep your family safely protected from unnecessary sniffles:


Vitamin C

Let’s start with the most obvious one!

Vitamin C really is a powerful preventative measure to take, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking one, two, or even three grams on a daily basis if you are exposed to cold weather and work in a busy office environment where flu can spread like wildfire.

Vitamin C also helps to keep your stress levels down, so this provides a secondary indirect benefit by further strengthening your immune system


Vitamin D3

Another must-have vitamin in your family’s daily routine is Vitamin D3.The days are generally far shorter during the winter months, so we are unable to synthesize as much vitamin D as we would during the summer and this in and of itself can lead to a dampened immune system.Vitamin D is also great for reducing the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, which can leave many of us feeling depressed and/or lethargic due to a lack of quality sunlight.


Honey and Lemon

This is another obvious addition to the list, but you’ll be amazed by how effective honey and lemon can be when taken in hot water.If at all possible, try to source honey that has been produced in your local area, but even if this is not possible you will still be able to benefit from it.Consider adding one tablespoon of raw honey per day, either taken with some warm lemon water, green tea, or even better; both!



One aspect of staying healthy during flu season that you might not have considered is adequate hydration.

All of the above will be for naught if you are not providing your body with enough fluids to properly assimilate and utilize the nutrients, so be sure to drink 1 – 2L of water per day at the very least.

If you are unsure if you are drinking enough water then there are a couple of approximate gauges of your hydration levels.

Firstly, your urine should be either clear of a light straw color, and the darker it is the more dehydrated you are. Secondly, if you have not passed water for two hours or more then it is a safe bet that you are probably somewhat dehydrated.


Wash Your Hands!

While this may sound like a no brainer, washing your hands thoroughly, and often, commonly gets skipped. Be sure to wash your hands often throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs. Our desks, keys, credit cards and our beautiful children all are carrying around germs that can get us sick this flu season. If you are on the go be sure to carry around some hand sanitizer to help kill off germs!

What’s more, thirst is a lagging indicator of dehydration, and by the time your brain has received the signal that you are thirsty your body has already entered a state of dehydration.

So take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, and wash your hands, and your family should be more than healthy enough to have the best holiday season yet!

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