Josetty’s Liporidex True Industry Feedback

My whole life has changed since I started working out and using Liporidex!

I´ve always been very disciplined as an actress, but I´ve also known that something was missing in my life. I felt like I needed to compliment it with an activity, which included nutrition and a workout program. Back in December 2014 I decided to try CrossFit, and it has since changed my life. This kind of training allows me to not only exceed everyday, but it makes me stronger and it has taught me that I’m unstoppable. I realized that CrossFit is an art, and art is decision, discipline, patience and hard work. Not everything comes easily, but hard work will pay off. My reward is given to me by all my followers and by knowing that I am their motivation. This motivates me to want to get better each day. I have a very busy schedule and my days are super long, but Liporidex helps me keep focused and energized to keep me going.

My favorite product is PRE/T because of the energy and focus it provides me with during CrossFit. I also really love MAX because it too gives me energy with no crash to help me get through my day and evenings, and helps curb my appetite so I can stay focused on my diet.