Aaron’s Instagram Review-NRG Supplement

Aaron’s Instagram Review-NRG Supplement

Instagram review from @aa_kochev 


“A few weeks back I tried a few more of Liporidex products. I think all the products I have tried by them are great but one that stood out was their NRG supplement. While I’m sure this can be used in a gym or workout setting, I found it great to take through the day whenever I needed a boost.


NRG has minimal caffeine and other stimulants in it but it’s great for a morning or mid day pick-me-up! Also it is loaded with all NATURAL ingredients some of which are ketones to help boost you metabolism, Rhodiola works as a anti stress/mood enhancer, and a herb extract called Ashwagandha which helps to improve memory. Gotta keep that brain workin!!”


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