Gonadal Body Type Menu

Remember that for a Gonadal body type, you will want to have light meals for breakfast and lunch, with dinner being your largest meal of the day.

Here is a sample menu for one day:


-1 small piece of fruit: apple, peach, plum, papaya, mango, kiwi, star fruit, or a cup of grapes, chopped pineapple, cantaloupe or other melon, cherries or berries. (can substitute 1 cup applesauce for the fresh fruit if desired.) Eat whatever fruit is in season.
-Coffee or tea sweetened with sugar or honey

Don’t eat lunch for at least 4 hrs after breakfast


-A large green salad with 1 teaspoon of clear diet dressing (NO creamy dressing allowed)
-½ cup cooked sweet vegetables such as carrots, beets, pumpkin, squash or turnip
-1 egg OR 3 ounces of low-fat dairy (string cheese) OR 1 ½ cups nonfat yogurt OR 1 cup low-fat or nonfat yogurt or cottage cheese
-1 serving of whole grains: 1 slice of bread OR ½ cup cooked brown rice, quinoa, pasta, rye Krispbreads, etc.
-1 glass skim milk
-1 piece of fruit
-Coffee or tea

Don’t eat dinner for at least 5 hrs after lunch


-4 ounces of white meat poultry or fish OR a 2 egg omelette (Only eat eggs once a day.)
-Steamed vegetables, as many as you like: spinach, zucchini, red peppers, green beans, peas.
-1 teaspoon of oil or butter to be used in preparation of veggie or protein
-1 grain serving (brown rice, whole grain pasta, quinoa, etc.)
-1 piece of fruit
-1 glass of skim milk