Fun Fall Activities

Fun Fall Activities

Fall is one of those awkward times of year where the summer is beginning to dwindle down and we can feel the chill of winter beginning to creak its way into our bones but we don’t want to give up on the healthy efforts we’ve been making through the warmer season.

What makes it awkward is that for many parts of the country it is too cold to enjoy runs or brisk walks along the beach, but the snow hasn’t begun to fall yet so skiing, snowboarding, and sledding are out of the question.

So what are some examples of fun fall activities to get us out of the house and keep us moving as the temperature begins to drop?


Keep it Moving!

One of the simplest things that you can do to stay active this fall is to take a stroll around your local neighborhood.

This might not sound like the most exciting activity in the world, but the changing colors of the leaves, the crispness of the air, and the general ambience of the transitioning environment can be truly enchanting if we are receptive to it.

This can be a wonderful time of year to become more mindful of our surroundings, so those of you who have local parks, woodlands, and prairies in your locality would be wise to make the most of the remaining vibrancy before the snow begins to fall and everything is shrouded in white for several months!

Depending on how urbanized your area is, you might also like to consider doing a little foraging for wild edibles.

Berries, apples, greens, wild onions, and all kinds of other healthy natural (and free) treats can be found growing wild if you know what to look for, and with canning season on top of us this is the perfect time of year to start making jams, preserves, and pickles for when winter finally takes hold.

If walking or hiking isn’t your idea of a good time then why not consider throwing a ball around in your local park?

Team sports can be a fun way of staying active through the fall, and the coolness of the air is incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating compared to the boggy heat of the summer months, and you’re sure to build up a hearty appetite in the process!

Other fun activities include making a corn husk doll with the kids, building a campfire and indulging in some toasted marshmallow (not too much!), or simply collecting leaves and identifying them back home.


Warding Off Winter

All of these activities can be a great way of keeping your stride when the temperature really begins to drop, rather than feeling bogged down and wanting to spend all of your time cooped up inside.

Our options for activities become far more limited when winter really hits our neighborhood, so make the most of the beautiful fall season by getting out and about and staying as active as you can!

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