Would you like to  get in shape? Starting with a fitness boot camp can give you a jump start!

Attempting to get fit alone is often a not easy mission.  That is why a lot of people turn to workout programs such as a fitness boot camp to ensure their success. Seeking support for  your new regimen is a great way to see faster results.

If this is something you need, we think you should take a look at a fitness boot camp and these are a just a few reasons:

  • You Will Torch Calories
  • It Combines Cardio and Weights
  • Builds Confidence
  • There is No “I Can’t”
  • There is Never a Dull Moment

Here is what Greatist says you should know before starting with a fitness boot camp program:

“Based on programs used to whip new military recruits into shape, fitness boot camp classes aren’t for the faint of heart. These high-intensity workouts deliver results in a total-body approach, combining sprint intervals, bodyweight exercises, and high-intensity moves like kicking and punching. The key: limiting rest time in between each move to get the heart rate up and burning calories fast. While Barry’s Bootcamp may have launched the boot camp trend in the late 90s, the craze really took off in 2008, with heavy hitters like Pure Power Boot Camp and Warrior Fitness Boot Camp hopping on board. A typical class lasts one hour and can burn around 600 calories, building strength and aerobic capacity all at the same time. Plus, with a dedicated instructor and group of friends all sweating together, it’s easy to stay motivated and go for that last crunch”

It is clear that trying to chose somewhere is no easy task, but you must always take into account what you need truly most.  At the end of the day what is most imperative is that you are able to safely and quickly reach your goals.  Choosing to start with a fitness boot camp may be the right choice for you.  Of course,  everyone knows you will still need to push yourself to obtain your fitness goals.

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