Fit Girl Problems

15 Problems Every True Fit Girl Can Relate To

So, you’re a fit girl – you enjoy working out, are not afraid of the weight room and your diet is in check (well…at least most of the time) – basically, you are AMAZING! But with great power, comes great responsibility…and some #fitproblems too! Here are just a few!


1. All you think about is eating food. 6 times a day, every 5 minutes.


2. People grab your biceps without asking.

3. You don’t even bother with your hair anymore-your next work out is just few hours away anyway

4. Shopping for clothing is a nightmare. Normal jeans and tops with sleeves just don’t fit anymore.

5. So, you wear gym clothing pretty much all the time.

6. You’re in a sports bra so much that when you put on regular one, you feel like you are wearing some kind of strange body armor.

7. You just roll your eyes when you hear other girls say, “I just don’t want to get too bulky.”

8. You panic when you go on vacation and there is no gym around.

9. You check out other girls at the gym – for gains.

10. Oh, those blisters on your hand…handshake anyone?

11. You avoid stairs at all costs after a leg day.

12. You have your favorite locker at the gym, and nobody better touch that one!

13. You get into arguments about what is better cardio vs. lifting.

14. You get into arguments about proper dead lifting form.

15. You get into arguments about…


Did we miss any? Share your other Fit Girl Problems below!

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