Superset Dirty 30 Workout

Struggling to keep up with your gym sessions thanks to a busy schedule? If so, you aren’t alone. Most people fall off the workout bandwagon because they just don’t have the time of day to be doing hours of workouts each week. If this sounds like you, not to worry – you don’t have to. With this Superset Dirty 30 Workout, you can get in and out of the gym in a hurry, all while maximizing the results that you see. Let’s go over what this is and how you can apply it to your protocol.

What Is A Superset?

A superset is a protocol where you take two different exercises and stack them back to back with each other. So for instance, you might do a squat followed by a push-up. Or you could do a set of lunges followed by a set of burpees. Only once both exercises are completed and the ‘superset’ is finished should you then rest before starting again.


The benefits of superset workouts are that you’ll first save time, which is why they are the key to our Dirty 30 Workout. Since you now rest after every two exercises, this means you dramatically cut back on how much rest total you are taking during your workout. Second, as you’ll be doing more exercising in a row, this will help keep your heart rate higher. That translates to better cardiovascular benefits. This means you may even be able to cut cardio training right out of your program. Third, with superset training, you’ll train your body how to push through fatigue. Over time, this can get you into much better shape, boosting your muscular endurance. Finally, with the intensity higher and your heart rate elevated, you’ll also experience a higher post workout calorie burn. You’ll elevate your metabolic rate better, keeping it elevated for longer after you finish up. As you can see, there are many benefits to a superset workout.


The Types Of Supersets You Can Do In Your Superset Dirty 30 Workout?

When it comes to adding these supersets to your workout routine, there are a few different types you can do. You can do upper/lower supersets, where you would perform one upper body exercise followed by a lower body move. This allows one half of the body to rest while you work the other. Due to this factor, this lends well to using compound exercises in the super set. For example, you might do a lunge followed by a push-up.


Next, you can do opposing group supersets. This would be doing one exercise for one muscle and then another for the opposing muscle. For instance, a bicep curl followed by a tricep extension. This type of training is great for increasing muscle tone.


Finally, you can also do a cardio interval superset. This would be pairing together a weight training exercise with a bodyweight cardio move. For example, a bench press followed by mountain climbers. This will bring more of a cardio element into things, helping you get the best of both worlds. So that’s how you form a superset workout. Pair together two exercises, do a couple sets of that and then move to the next pairing. Continue on until the workout is completed. Use this style of training on those days you need to get in and out of the gym quickly without sacrificing results.


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