Dennis’ Liporidex True Industry Feedback

“Today was an amazing workout! I took some @liporidex and was ready to fight. I was so focused that I decided to do a workout that I haven’t done in a very long time. It was a pure power workout that is meant to build strength and size. Try it out and tell me what you think. If it wasn’t for Liporidex I would have faded during the workout, but it helped keep me on point and focused. 

Warning! This workout will test your mental strength as well as physical. The Central Nervous System will also be fried, so make sure you get proper sleep and nutrition afterwards. Good luck!”

Heavy bench 8 sets of 3 @250lbs
One Arm Dumbbell Incline Press 4 sets of 10 @60lbs
Barbell Pin Press 10 set of 1 @225lbs
Weighted Chest Dips 4 sets of 8 @30lbs
Cable Flies 4 sets of 15 @45lbs
Tricep Push Downs 4 sets of 20 @90lbs