Cutting Edge Fitness Tips Used by Celebrity Trainers

Being fit and looking great is in most Hollywood celebrities job description. But how to they really prepare for high-pressure scenes? Check out these cutting edge fitness tips that Hollywood trainers have been using for years to help their celebrity clients look their best.

7 Cutting Edge Fitness Tips from Celebrity Trainers

1. Drink Plenty of Water
This one is pretty obvious – yet few people actually do it. Water intake allows your body to perform at its peak, processing calories and eliminating waste products in the most efficient way. Water also helps you feel full, eliminating grazing. Drink your water super cold to burn some extra calories.

2. Have lean protein at every meal
You should be aiming to eat some protein with every meal and/or snack you consume, spreading it out over the course of the day. Generally, recommendations for protein are around 0.8-1 grams per pound of lean body mass, per day.

3. Decrease carbohydrate intake
In general, you should reduce your intake of carbohydrates, especially simple white ones, if you want to get ripped. Complex carbohydrates are a much better choice, but the rule is to eat them earlier in the day. You will want to eliminate all the processed snack-type foods, breads and pastas that many people feast on.

4. Increase Healthy Fat intake
What? Increase your fat intake to lose fat you ask? Yes, many studies have shown that increasing your healthy fat intake prevents overeating and also helps reduce carb intake on a daily basis. Aim to eat dietary fats with your meals later in the day, when your carbohydrate intake is lower. Also, avoid them before and after exercise as they can slow down digestion and make you feel sluggish while you’re at the gym.

5. Exercise in the Morning, on an Empty Stomach
This is a great way to cut more fat, as long as you feel good doing it! Put on that exercise DVD, get out of a morning jog or visit the gym shortly after you wake up on consistent basis, and watch the fat melt away.

6. Lift weights
Recent studies show what we gym-addicted folks have always known – weight training is great for fat reduction. Essentially, lifting heavy weights allows your body to increase its metabolic rate to support this activity. The truly amazing thing is that your metabolism is boosted for up to 24 hours after training, as opposed to aerobic exercise, where your metabolism falls once your heart rate lowers. Minimize rest periods and use compound exercises and super sets to maximize your results.

7. Use Adequate Supplements
One of the best kept cutting edge fitness secrets celebrities use are supplements to help maximize their results from diet and exercise alone. Invest in a high-quality fat burner, pre-workout and post/workout to maximize your results and get ripped fast. A great fat-burner will increase your energy without jitters, suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism. You can choose a traditional fat-burner containing stimulants, or a reduced or stimulant-free option. A great pre workout should increase exercise endurance, energy, mental focus and concentration ability so that you can receive great benefits from your workouts. And finally, a post-workout product will help you recover quickly and build muscle safely.

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