Carlene’s Liporidex Customer Review

“Hey everyone. I was asked to try and review this product. I’m a total sucker to try anything new! I am a pretty firm believer that you don’t NEED anything to change your body, but I also understand the appeal. I drink coffee everyday because I enjoy that extra push. That’s exactly what I got out of my trial with Liporidex, except unlike other diet pills/fat burners if tried in the past (years ago now!) I had NO adverse effects. No sweats, no dizziness, no jitteriness and no “crash”. I did feel mentally more focused during my workouts, sharper maybe. Then through the work day when I tried it I felt more energetic. I was able to skip any late afternoon coffee (which allowed me to sleep! And if you know me: you know sleep is precious to me). My favorite thing about the product was that all the ingredients are pretty easy to look up and research. After some REALLY bad times with thermogenic diet pills in my early 20’s (that didn’t do anything but make me feel sick!) I sort of swore off this type of supplementation. This product made me think twice. I’d need to test a bit longer than the 5 days or so I did to give you comprehensive results based information, but I felt great, a bit more alert and able to focus, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need when training in a caloric deficit!”