Cardio Power and Resistance Training Results

Have you been wondering about what kind of results you can get with cardio power and resistance training? After setting up your diet plan to promote natural and healthy weight loss, the next step is looking at what you’ll be doing for your fitness plans. Having a good workout is going to go hand in hand with eating properly as the two work together to help you complete a full body transformation.

While you can lose weight just dieting, the fact is that exercise helps ensure that you lose fat mass (not lean muscle!) and will also help to tone your body, giving you that fit, firm look you’re after.

But this said, which exercise variety is best? You may be tempted to jump onto the cardio machines as you know they burn calories, but recently may have also seen plenty of information about weight training as well.

Which should you be performing?

Here are the facts about cardio power and resistance training, and the results they provide.

Metabolic Rate Increases

The first thing to consider is how each form of exercise impacts your metabolic rate. While it’s great to burn calories while you are doing your training, you really need to also focus on what’s happening after your training takes place.

This is where weight training really shines. After an intense weight training session, you can literally burn calories faster for up to 48 hours. With moderate intensity cardio training, the minute you step off the cardio, you return back to your baseline calorie burning speed.

So for this reason, weight training really comes out ahead. The only exception is interval cardio training, which is much more intense and can provide a similar metabolic boost like weight training would.

Body Shape Changes

Second, also think about how each training really impacts your body. With cardio training, you’ll likely notice yourself getting smaller as time progresses. This is thanks to the weight loss that’s taking place.

But, you won’t really change how you look.

With weight training, you can actually reshape your physique so that you look entirely different. You can add curves in the right places, gain more muscle tone, and really transform your body.

With cardio, you become a smaller version of your current self. With weight training, you become a new version of your current self.

Keep this mind as you make your selection.

Adherence To The Plan

Finally, the last thing to consider is how well you’ll stick to the plan. As you may already know from past experience, heading to the gym for hours of cardio training is dull at best. Most people quickly become very bored and when they do, they stop going.

As such, you’ll typically find that strength training keeps you more mentally engaged. You’ll be constantly changing the exercises you’re doing and can incorporate new techniques all the time.

This means you’ll stick with it better, lending to superior results from doing both cardio power and resistance training.

The Overall Verdict

All in all, while there’s nothing wrong with going to the gym and doing your cardio training, if you really want to complete a full body transformation and see the fastest rate of fat loss possible, a combination of cardio power and resistance training is what you should focus on.

It’s simply the more effective means to adding muscle tone, burning fat, and increasing your fitness level.

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