The Two Best Body Sculpting Tricks to Help You Burn Fat Faster

The Two Best Body Sculpting Tricks to Help You Burn Fat Faster

Send your fat loss soaring with just these two body sculpting tricks.

If you are designing your workout program right now and wondering what you can do to ensure you burn fat as quickly as possible, there are two primary body sculpting tricks that you need to ensure are in the picture. Those two things? Compound lifts and full body workouts. Let me explain each one briefly and why it’s going to help you transform your body.

Compound Exercises

Compound exercises, as they’re often called, are those moves that are going to work more than one muscle group (and span across more than one joint) at once. For instance, the squat. When doing squats, you’ll work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core, and you’ll get both the hips and knees involved. Compare this to say a leg extension, which is an isolation move and only works the quads and utilizes the knee joint. Hopefully you can see the difference there.

So why are compound exercises so great?

Basically, think of it this way. What would take you more energy? Getting up to go get a glass of water or lifting that glass of water off your desk? Clearly the former would because you are moving more muscles to do it. You’ll use more energy standing up, walking to the fridge, pouring the water, and so on. The same applies for your exercises. The more muscles you use for any given movement, the more calories you burn. And, the more calories you burn, the faster fat loss progresses along. Choose compound exercises more often such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, the bench press, pull-downs, bent over rows, and shoulder presses. These will reward you with faster results.

Full Body Workouts

Second, the next body sculpting trick you should focus your workout around is full body exercises. Essentially, rather than going in to train just your arms for instance, hit your legs as well. Your legs are such large muscle groups that they’ll burn a great deal of calories performing the various exercises you can do with them. You’ll be far better off, as far as fat burning is concerned, doing three full body workouts per week than you would doing one workout for legs, one for your shoulders, one for your arms, one for your chest, and one for your back. ‘Body part split’ workouts, such as what was just described are not ideal for total body fat burning. If you simply wanted to refine your body and were already at the level of body fat you wanted to be, then those may be more appropriate, but for now, full body exercises in each workout are the route to go. So keep these two tips in mind and make sure that your workout is focusing on them. How you design your workout will have a large influence on your overall rate of results, so don’t take this lightly. Plan wisely and you’ll be celebrating success soon enough.

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