Basic Rules For A Beautiful, Lean, Well Developed Strong Body!

1. There is no magic for HEALTHY muscle growth


2. Don’t slack off-every rep and set counts, push yourself.


3. You have to feed your muscles. This is about fat loss, not weight loss.


4. There are no excuses, trust me,  much busier people then you make it happen every day.


5. Your body reflects the effort you put in it. Everybody can see how you eat by how you look. No secrets here.


6. There is no overnight success, if you expect to do something for two weeks and then stop, just consider keep sitting on that comfy couch.


7. If you train hard but not eat right, your muscles will keep hiding under your fat.


8. First you build muscle, then you show it off by cutting down the fat, not the other way.


9. Don’t ever sacrifice your health to look good.


10. If you are scarred of getting “too bulky”, just stop when you have enough.

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