Achieve a Balanced Body and Healthier Lifestyle

Achieve a Balanced Body and Healthier Lifestyle

We all sets goals for ourselves throughout the year, and while sometimes we may fall short, it’s important to constantly be challenging ourselves. The most important thing when making a health and fitness goal for a more balanced body and healthier lifestyle is to make it attainable and realistic. If you’ve never run a mile, then don’t have your first goal to complete a marathon in 16 weeks. Instead, make your first goal to be able to run a a mile without walking, and then you grow on that for your next goal.


Assuming you want to achieve a more balanced body by losing weight, starting to eat healthier foods, exercising more frequently, and so on; you might like to consider swapping out the unrealistic goals of eating no carbs or going to the gym twice a day 5 days a week, and switch to more realistic short-term goals, such as:


  • “I will work out three times per week,”
  • “I will cook at least four meals at home per week,”
  • “I will drink at least 2 – 3L of water per day,”
  • “I will start using a supplement to aid my weight loss,”
  • “I will eat green vegetables with at least half of my meals,”


Notice how each of these statements are actual actionable tasks as opposed to amorphous plans that amount to very little.


These are daily and weekly goals that focus on the short term so that you can break your weight loss goals down into smaller bite-sized chunks rather than being daunted by the grand prospect of something like, “I will lose 10, 20, 30, or 40lbs.”


The Key to a Balanced Body Can Be All in Your Head

Adopting this more goal-orientated approach will naturally cause a shift in your mentality, because your overall long-term success will be built upon lots of small victories that will occur on a daily and weekly basis.


Each time you eat your veggies, finish your workout, drink enough water, and so on, you’ll have achieved something, and no matter how insignificant these ‘little victories’ might seem now, they will pave the way to the attainment of your long-term goals.


Mentality is absolutely crucial when it comes to this kind of long-term success, so be proactive and focus on your daily successes.


Remember, as the old saying goes: “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves!”


In other words, take care of your daily goals, and your long-term goals will happen automatically.

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