Weight loss clinic avoidance with these simple tips

A weight loss clinic is often times one of the first steps that people seeking to lose weight consider. Frustrated and discouraged, its easy to forget that you can get great results all on your own. Learn the best tips now to get rapid and sustained weight loss. Many weight loss tips let you know the different exercises that you should be doing to reach your goals, but never mention your ideal performance level for the best results.

When it comes to your performance, the “comfort zone” is well…comfortable.

Enter your zone and skip the weight loss clinic

In this zone we feel familiar, at ease and in control, and we experience low stress and anxiety. It is in our nature to want to stay in this zone, or revert back to it whenever possible.

What many weight loss tips fail to mention when it comes to exercise is that it is not enough to see results if you just continue to work out and always remain in your comfort zone. Staying in this zone long-term prevents us from growth and from reaching new experiences. It is important to push yourself past your comfort zone to continue to see results, and to avoid the dreaded weight loss plateau.

On other hand, when it comes to weight loss tips for exercise, we must also be careful to avoid the “danger zone.” In this zone our happiness, well-being and performance can decline rapidly due to too much stress and greater anxiety we might injure ourselves or just give up…


So, what is the sweet spot when it comes to your performance?

Somewhere in-between your comfort zone and the danger zone. Enter, “optimal performance zone.” A little anxiety actually improves your performance, and can also improve your satisfaction with your workouts, as well as your weight loss results without having to visit a weight loss clinic. However, just like with most other weight loss tips, everything in moderation applies here and too much anxiety can derail your results as well.


What is important to keep in mind is that one of the best weight loss tips when it comes to exercise is to not let your efforts be in vain by either over or under doing it. Find your optimal performance zone, and use this state of being to achieve your goals and avoid the weight loss clinic!


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