Adrenal Body Type Menu

Adrenal Body Type Menu


Remember that for your body type, it is best to have your smallest meal for breakfast, a lite lunch and then your largest meal at dinner time.


-1 cup of yogurt OR ½ cup of low fat cottage cheese OR 1 cup of whole grain cereal with ½ cup of skim milk
-Coffee or tea with a small amount of sugar or honey, if desired.

Wait at least 4 hours to eat lunch


-A large green salad with lettuce or other greens, including things like cucumber, mushrooms, celery, sprouts, radishes, bell pepper, tomato or onion. 1 tablespoon of clear diet dressing (NOT creamy – not even the reduced-fat type) or 1 teaspoon of olive or canola oil
-½ cup cooked sweet vegetables such as beets, carrots, pumpkin, squash or turnips
-1 ½ cups of plain yogurt OR 1 cup low fat cottage cheese OR 3oz of low fat firm cheese (mozzarella or string) OR 3 ounces fish (not shellfish)
-1 small piece (or 1 cup) of fruit
-1 serving of grain: 1 slice of whole grain bread, ½ cup cooked grain such as brown rice or quinoa or ½ cup of pasta
-Coffee or tea

Wait at least 6 hours to eat dinner


-4 ounces of white meat poultry, fish meat OR 2 eggs OR ¾ cup legumes. (Eat eggs no more than twice a week and beef no more than 3 times a week)
-1 grain serving (1/2 cup) of either whole wheat bread, grains or pasta
-2 teaspoons of vegetable oil (use it to prepare the eggs, veggies or fish)
-1 glass of skim milk
-Choice of fruits or 2 chocolate cookies or fruit ice (dessert only allowed twice a week, recipes to follow).

Try not to snack between meals by drinking things like mineral water or tea, but if you absolutely must, stick to something light like vegetable soup, half a carton of yogurt or a glass of skim milk.