17 Great Reasons for Men NOT to Get in Shape

Everyone thinks that getting fit is simply awesome, and that it has no downsides.

However, being a newly minted strongman is not without its drawbacks. Read on to learn some of the most pressing isssues that guys who stay in great shape have to contend with. You may be surprised by a few. Which ones apply to you? Is this anybody that you know?

So you got into shape, bravo! You kept your diet in check and put on some great size and strength, but things are not all rosy on the other side of the fence.


1. You’re always out of breath from constantly holding your abs tight


2. Turn in your hipster card…you can’t wear skinny jeans – nuff said

3. Your grocery bill – it seems like you’re paying to raise a herd of musk ox.

4. You’re tired of explaining to your coworkers that your supplements just help you with energy and burning fat – they are NOT steroids!

5. People think you’re crazy because you work out every morning before work….AND then again in the evening.

6. Falling down after sniffing your day old protein shaker

7. You can’t raise your voice anymore without being accused of having ‘roid rage.

8. People half your new size telling you how you should eat to get bigger

9. Old guys in the locker room want to hang out (literally), and tell you how they used to do it

10. Women you barely know invite you to come over – to help them MOVE.

11. Flying coach, riding a bus or train. – these seats were designed for your old frame.

12. Having to explain to your boss there’s no need to call the plumber – it was just your protein farts

13. You need to upgrade to a larger phone to continue storing all the bathroom mirror selfies you take to track your progress.

14. Wasting time digging around in that new tub of powder for the scoop.

15. There is basically no room in your cabinets for anything besides Tupperware and shaker bottles

16. When you finally recover from leg day…and then it’s leg day again.

17. Having to buy deodorant in bulk – to keep up with your increased sweating from all the extra fat you’re burning.


Did we miss any? Share some other great drawbacks Men should worry abut re: getting in shape!

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