Liporidex are the worlds first all natural, MD formulated fat burners that are so safe and effective – they can be used consistently every day for months without raising safety concerns or losing effectiveness. 

Energy Boost

Power up and power through! Liporidex provides a long-lasting, jitter-free boost of energy. Perfect for anything that you need extra energy for and ensuring that you get the best results from the time you spend exercising.

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Suppress Appetite

Easily adhere to reduced calorie diets by eliminating urges and cravings caused by glucose imbalance. Safe appetite suppressant ingredients help you stay away from snacks and unhealthy foods and help keeps your diet in check.

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Boost Metabolism

Thermogenic ingredients such as green tea, green coffee, guarana and pepper extracts help fire up your metabolism so you can burn more calories during exercise, recovery and even at rest.

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Increase Fat Burning

Uses the power of ingredients like Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE), Raspberry Ketones and Rosemary extract to spearhead your fat loss. These ingredienets and more are combined to create a powerful synergy of actions.

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Formulas at a Glance

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