Pharmaceutical grade dosing for clinical strength effectiveness

Each MD formulated blend uses the highest quality ingredients and contains the ideal ingredient combinations for weight loss and maintenance, increasing energy and stamina, recovery and improving overall wellness.

The Inventor of Liporidex
Emeka Okwuje, MD

Innovator in the fields of aesthetic and longevity medicine
Specialist in hormone replacement and weight loss therapies
Founder and medical scientist of Liporidex
Chief Aesthetic doctor at RevitalizeMaui Aesthetic & Longevity Medicine

For more than 20 years, Dr. Okwuje tried and tested hundreds of supplements to help his patients improve their health, maintain their weight and feel and look their best. Rather than continue searching for the best products on the market, he decided to formulate his own in order to meet his rigorous medical and scientific standards.

He has pioneered advanced supplement solutions based on his philosophy that weight loss supplements should not have to rely on large amounts of stimulants or other harmful ingredients to be effective, and they should provide additional health and wellness benefits such as thyroid, hormonal, cognitive support, sugar craving reduction, and better sleep and recovery. In addition, all Liporidex® supplements can be combined based on each individual’s needs to provide highly targeted support for your lifestyle goals.

His visionary approach has earned him an incredible following of loyal fans, patients and customers who continue to benefit significantly from incorporating Liporidex products in their daily routines.p>

All Liporidex® supplements can be combined based on each individual’s needs to provide extremely targeted support for your weight loss and wellness goals.

Customer Reviews

What People Say About Us

I battled late night eating for years upon years. I found out several years ago that I have Type II diabetes. Late night eating, of which had been very poor food choices, was sending my blood sugar sky high. Liporidex PM helps me with the late night cravings and helps me keep my blood sugar much closer to the normal range.

Robin Reid
Robin ReidCustomer

It is the only diet pill I have tried that could curb my appetite while doing a 12 hour shift at the hospital. 10 am was the worst where I would have to snack but now I can keep cruising through until my lunch break in the afternoon and still have energy. Now I want to try all the other varieties that they offer.

Den Jackson
Den JacksonCustomer

I like the fact the it doesn't make me feel too spastic or jittery, and yet it gives me some nice energy to get me through the day. But importantly I think it's an excellent appetite suppressant. Ha, at times I actually have to remind myself to eat something, lol. Definitely going to keep at it and see where it'll take me.

Nina West
Nina WestCustomer

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Liporidex also offers customized Optibody™ plans for individual weight loss, as well we partnerships with medical weight loss centers and retail locations.

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Liporidex® Features

Our formulas can be used by just about anyone due to their safety profile and reduced caffeine and stimulant-free options, and all our products are backed by our money back guarantee.

Safety & Efficacy
Stimulant Free Formulas
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Why Choose Us

Pharmaceutical Grade

We only use the highest quality ingredients in Liporidex formulas to create our pharmaceutical strength supplements.

MD Formulated

Developed by a doctor with his patients in mind. With Liporidex you know you are getting quality products that you can trust.

Clinical Strength Dosing

Scientifically proven ingredient combinations at clinical doses ensure that Liporidex products deliver the results they promise.